Little Sweet Spots started in 2011, a year after I had my daughter, Diaz. At the time, we had a 6 week trip planned to the South of France to visit my husband's family. I was beyond excited to break up the monotony of day-to-day life, and I couldn't help but notice something wasn't quite right within our little family.

Things felt off a beat. The winter's were long - too long since we were in the mountains of BC. We were no longer out enjoying the mounds of snow that would pile up relentlessly. Instead, we were grinding joylessly. Uninspired. It dawned on me one day when I glanced down and my husband had on the same sad pants he'd been wearing all week (you know the ones, grey joggers with the high waist and elastic around the ankles).

We were deep in the winter doldrums. Where did the tender moments go? The laughter? The lightheartedness? Was this parenting? Was this grown up life? 

So with our trip in our near future, I threw it out there. Let's not come back. Let's sell everything. House, car, the stuff. Let's go now. Take the opportunity while it is in front of us. 

Having never been to Europe, and always having a more travel-adventure side to me, I thought why not just go... indefinitely? My husband's self-employed and can work anywhere there is a solid wi-fi. I wasn't going to return to work until Diaz started kindergarten, so why not Just. Go?

So we did. *We stayed for two years, living predominantly in Narbonne, France. Eventually and for multiple reasons, we returned to my hometown in Canada. Four years went by rapidly. Our family grew by one more; we had a little boy, Raphaël. Diaz started school and was thriving. I reconnected with friends and family. 

But we never quite let go of the idea of returning to France. We were always in a place of missing the French culture, wanting to offer our children a bit more than what was around us. We have a solid base in Canada and we are so grateful for it. But we also have so much in France.

So, in May 2017 with two kids in tow (rather mostly in the lead a little too far ahead for my comfort level) we once again sold the house, and most of the stuff. We pulled Diaz out of grade 1 early and headed back to Europe for another year.

Here I share my journey, ups and downs, the fumbly and the smooth. A journey wouldn't be a journey if it weren't feeling like a roller coaster ride.

So thank you for joining me on my search for life's little sweet spots.

*I wrote about our previous journey but recently decided to not roll over the content to this trip so I could keep things fresh. And current. With our sights forward. And because Squarespace wouldn't import the content from Tumblr and the tech language had me seeing double. Fresh start it is!