Those brief moments that are the warmest part in our ordinary day-to-day life.


About Karen

Karen Yakymishen is the founder and author of Little Sweet Spots. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada and living on the south west coast of France with her husband (whom you will never see here) and two children (whom you will often see here). 

Little Sweet Spots began in 2011, a year after our daughter, Diaz was born. Needing a change, we dramatically sold up our house, car and the majority of our belongings and moved from the mountains of BC Canada to try a life in the south of France. With a return to Canada after two years in France, we have since added our boy Raphaël to the mix. Then, after four years back in Canada, we are currently on "Return to France" version 2.0. 

Here I share my journey, ups and downs, the fumbly and the smooth. A journey wouldn't be a journey if it weren't feeling like a roller coaster ride

There is no perfect place, only the sweet spots in between.